How To Play Point Rummy & Win Big Online

Point Rummy is a fun and enjoyable game. People love playing the game as it is quick and each round lasts only for a few minutes. On average it takes…

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Rummy strategies that will turn you into a bluff master

Ask any professional rummy or card player and they will tell you that the secret to winning is how good you are at bluffing. In a card game, the bluff…

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Top 5 Must Download Games on Android

One of the major benefits of owning is smartphone, especially an Android phone, is the gaming options. If you are wondering which games are worth a place on your homescreen,…

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Fun Card Games For a Dhamaal Dussehra

Whether you’re having friends or family over for dinner or for lunch on Dussehra, you would want to organize some entertainment for them. While there will be music, you might…

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3 Ways To Play Games For Cash

Everyone knows the saying ‘play to win’, but with online card games you can play to earn too! Today gaming gives you the chance to play for cash. There are…

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The 5 Best Casinos In Goa For A Wild Weekend

Goa is not only famous for its laidback holiday vibe, with pristine beaches and amazing nightlife; it is also popular for its buzzing casinos. The state is one of the…

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5 Best Online Multiplayer Games For PC & Mobile

Every week, brand new games release and compete for the attention of gamers. While some connect, others fail to make an impression. There is also a third category of games…

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5 Personality Traits To Have To Excel At Playing Rummy Online

With every sport or game, certain types of characteristics work well to help its participants succeed. In football, someone who is fast, fit and thinks quickly can play well. In…

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How To Select Online Rummy Sites

Online rummy is gaining immense popularity all over the world and especially in India. The card game is loved by many because it is exciting and quick to play; a…

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Best Strategies To Make Money Part Time

Many people in today’s world are looking at a way to add to their regular income. Some do it from the comfort of their home, while others get second jobs…

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Is There Any Difference Between Rummy & Gin Rummy?

Rummy is well known throughout the world and, just like any popular game, it has spawned many variants specific to certain regions. One of the most popular types is undoubtedly…

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The Top Online Games in India

Each year there are a ton of new online games launched. All of these exciting and thrilling games compete for users’ attention, each striving to the most fun and engaging…

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5 Popular Card Games Online

Card games are a great way to pass the time and have fun with friends. From childhood to adulthood, these games never lose their charm. Some of the most fun…

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Popular Traditional Indian Games For A Fun Evening

India, in its own way, has been a pioneer of sport. The country has invented the game of kabaddi and its national sport is hockey. Indians also have a keen…

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How to earn real money by playing games without investment

Playing rummy is a great way to earn money online. If played well and with a strong strategy, you can make a good sum playing the game. However, there is…

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What is Vegas Three Card Rummy? Rules & Points

Vegas Three Card Rummy is very similar to Three Card Poker except for a few exceptions. One of the main differences between Three Card Poker and Vegas Three Card Rummy…

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The Most Fun Online Multiplayer Card Games

There are many games available on the internet for both single and multi players. Out of all the games online, card games are the most popular because they are fun…

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