How To Calculate Points in Rummy


Rummy is a fantastic game to play for leisure and to earn a bit of money. The key to playing is strategy, analytical thinking and knowing the points system. If a player is unaware of the scoring system in a game of rummy, he or she will struggle to put together the points needed to win. For those who don’t know how to calculate points in rummy, here’s a quick guide.

A quick guide to calculating points in Rummy


The main criteria for deciding on the winner in any game of rummy is points. Players win a game of rummy based on how many points he or she scores. The player with the least points wins the game.
1. Cards with a face value from 2 to 10 have points corresponding to their value. For example, a 2 of diamonds will have 2 points and a 6 of spades will have 6 points.
2. The jacks, queens, aces and kings all have a scoring point of 10 each.
3. The printed joker or the ones assigned (wild cards) carry 0 points.
4. The winner of a round gets 0 points.
5. The loser of the round gets points based on the cards he has left.
6. In the case of a player dropping out of the game or not meeting the objectives, he or she gets the sum of the points carried by all cards in his or her hand.
7. If a player declared a wrong hand in rummy, he is penalised with 80 points.

This is the gist of the scoring and point system of rummy games. While the scoring is the same for most variants, some rummy games may have a different scoring system altogether so it’s best to check on which variety you are playing and its rules before proceeding.

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