Is There Any Difference Between Rummy & Gin Rummy?


Rummy is well known throughout the world and, just like any popular game, it has spawned many variants specific to certain regions. One of the most popular types is undoubtedly gin rummy. Many times people mistake gin rummy for the original rummy. However, there are several differences that make each game unique.

Gin Rummy & Its Difference From Rummy


Number of players

Rummy is allows anywhere between two to six players in a game. Gin Rummy is more restrictive when it comes to the number of players engaging in the game, allowing only two or four players at a time.

Dealer choice

In rummy, to start out with, the dealers can be chosen at random and the next opportunity to become a dealer moves clockwise after the first dealer. In gin rummy, every player picks up a card from a thoroughly shuffled deck and the player with the lowest value card becomes the dealer.

Game objectives

In rummy, the cards are melded into valid sets and sequences so that the players move towards a predetermined score or an agreed upon number of deals that are set beforehand. In gin rummy, the players meld hands into a valid set with an objective of knocking a player out or till he lays his cards down (as he won’t be able to form valid sets or sequences).

Game Rules

In rummy, the game begins as a player draws a card from the open deck or the “discarded section”. His turn is complete only when he discards one card from his hand into the discarded section. However, if the player decides to choose the top card from the discarded section, then that card can’t be put back into the ‘discarded section”.

In gin rummy, the choice to pick the first card always lies with the non-dealing player. He needs to pick a card from the open deck or the discarded section. If a player gives up his chance to draw the card then the chance moves to the dealer. In cases where both players refuse to pick the first card, then the non-dealer gets an opportunity to pick up a card from the closed deck.

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