How to earn real money by playing games without investment


Playing rummy is a great way to earn money online. If played well and with a strong strategy, you can make a good sum playing the game. However, there is a lot of competition online so always play according to your skill level. For those who want to earn and play, here are a few ways in which you can earn real money by playing games without investment.


1. Make Use of Promotions

When websites just launch they have a ton of promotional activities running. It is the same for card games such as rummy websites. Websites may offer a fair amount to your virtual wallet to get you started. Generally, this is enough for you to start playing.

2. Use Bonuses

Some rummy websites offer free bonuses when you first sign up for a game. Signing up may require a few details such as an e-wallet login ID or a credit card number. Do not stress about immediately being charged, you will be charged once your free bonus is over and you can cancel your subscription anytime.

3. Enter a gaming competition

During festivals, card gaming websites run contests where signing up is free. Make the most of the offer and play games to win cash prizes. Before playing, make sure you are skilled to play as there is tremendous competition. Some contests are run according to skill level, so if you’re a beginner, choose a junior level to be able to compete.

4. Make use of registration credit

Some rummy websites offer you a starting credit as soon as you register. Make the most of the credit and play the games without an investment. You can actually win a lot of money in a short time by playing rummy with credits.

5. Make use of Cash Back facilities

A few rummy websites offer cashback facilities in which you actually end up paying nothing to play a game of rummy online. These schemes are generally run during festivals.

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