Khelplay Review

Why Kheplay?

complete security for financial transactions and profile information, and access to card games for free and cash. All these benefits can be found on Khelplay Rummy, a leading website and app for rummy enthusiasts. If you like to play rummy, then you should definitely register on Khelplay, as the website offers bonus to players, fair-play, games 24 x 7, choice of tournament’s, and a lot more.

Background of Khelplay

KhelPlay Rummy is one of the safest and trusted website for its users. Khelplay have also adopted values of responsible gaming that helps us keep the game a fun experience for everyone. KhelPlay Rummy has the best online security systems to ensure that all the transactions made by the player are safe and secured.

What is 13 card rummy?

13 card rummy is played as the traditional rummy. A Player must pick a card either from the open deck or the closed deck of cards. Simultaneously the player must discard a card, to maintain the total number of cards as 13 in hand.

How to win a rummy game?

  • . For a player to win a particular game or a round, they must form minimum of 1 pure sequence which is mandatory.
  • After forming at least one pure sequence and the other can be an impure sequence
  • You can form valid sets by grouping 3 or more than 3 cards of the same value, from different suits without the repetition of the card of the same suit.


  • Khelplay gives bonus on every 1st Get bonus up to Rs.1,500
  • Khelplay gives away  59,900* for free every month as a Welcome Treat that’s the amount Khelpay distribute every month for free of cost for their beloved players.
  • Win a bonus up to 2,500 by referring the KhelPlay Rummy App to your friends.
  • Khelplayrummy has cash Rummy Tournaments online, a great opportunity to win Cash prizes worth 7,91,350* every month!

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