How To Play Point Rummy & Win Big Online


Point Rummy is a fun and enjoyable game. People love playing the game as it is quick and each round lasts only for a few minutes. On average it takes around 2-3 minutes to complete a game. The game is simple to understand and it is easy to play. What makes this game popular is that it gives you a chance to win prizes easily. You only need to know the rules and put together a simple strategy.


How to win a game in Point Rummy

1. You need a create a straight sequence without a Joker (One Pure Life) before your opponents.
2. Your remaining cards can be melded into sets of 3 or 4. Alternatively, you can form a straight sequence with the remaining cards in your hand.

Point Rummy Rules

1. In Point Rummy, the points are pre-determined in advance.
2. Each Point Rummy game lasts for a single deal. After the round is over, the game ends.
3. To select who plays first, a single card is distributed to players. Turns will be decided based on the value of card received by each player. The player with the highest card value will get the first turn and so on.
4. The wild card joker is opened and placed below the closed deck.
5. Each player gets 13 random cards and they will start making sequences/sets based on the cards in hand or with cards from the open and closed decks.
6. If a player feels he or she does not have the cards to form sequences, he or she can drop out of the game.
7. Each players gets 40 seconds to make a move.

Point Rummy Calculation

1. Cards from face value of 2-10 have points equal to their respective face value.
2. All picture cards such as Ace, Jack, Queen and King have a point value of 10 per card.
3. In Point Rummy, it is best to hold on to lower value cards.

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