Rummy strategies that will turn you into a bluff master


Ask any professional rummy or card player and they will tell you that the secret to winning is how good you are at bluffing. In a card game, the bluff master holds the key to winning a round. He or she can win a game even if dealt bad cards.

If you’ve wondered about how some players use the bluff so efficiently, they learn the trick of the trade. Follow suit and learn how to bluff in rummy and have a cutting edge over your opponents.

Tricks to turn into a rummy bluff master


Observe and then make your move

The first step is to observe how your fellow participants are playing. If you find that they are not picking up cards from the open deck, you can assume they don’t have the right cards to form a hand. Now here’s what you do, pick cards from the open deck to make the opponent think that you are about to win the game. On most occasions your opponent will cave and give up. Keep a straight face while using this trick.

Dispose of the lower value cards

The norm of rummy has always been dispose of high cards first. But when this isn’t working in your favour, change things up a bit. Try fooling your opponents by eliminating your lower value cards and making them falsely believe that your card values are all low.

Keep an eye out for the discarded section

In online rummy, there is the discard pile where players place discarded cards. You can trick opponents by doing a reverse. This means placing a card in the discard pile and then removing the card immediately. Your opponent will think you have discarded a card when you actually haven’t. Your opponent cannot see that you have removed a card from the discard pile.

The art of bluffing is not easy, it takes a lot of practice and immense confidence. It is a trick that other players will use as well, so it is best to keep practicing to hone the skill.

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