How To Select Online Rummy Sites


Online rummy is gaining immense popularity all over the world and especially in India. The card game is loved by many because it is exciting and quick to play; a game of online rummy lasts for around 3 to 5 minutes.

There are many online rummy sites through which you can play the game. However, not all rummy websites are equal. Some of them can be tough to use. If you are a first-timer or looking to explore the exciting game of rummy, here are some tips on selecting the best online rummy sites to play on.

Comparing Online Rummy Sites


1. Customer reviews

The first thing to do is to check customer reviews of the website and the app. Google has a good system of reviews and sites themselves have may have reviews pages. Watch out for fake reviews, though. Genuine reviews are likely to have a balanced view on the website as opposed to just positive gushing.

2. Check for certifications

All online Indian rummy websites need a number of certifications. Before you start to play rummy online, make sure the website has these certificates in place: RNG certifications, SSL certification and checks from the iTech Labs. These are some of the certificates to lookout for while playing rummy online. Most websites have the certification on their homepage.

3. Payment gateways

Make sure the rummy website uses a secure and credible payment systems such as PayTM, PayPal, and a secure gateway to make online payments by credit or debit cards.

On a lighter note, here are some not-so-crucial, secondary aspects that you’d want to look for while playing rummy online:

4. Number of players

You would want to make sure that the site has a fair number of players. Otherwise, you will have to wait for a very long time before joining a virtual table. One of the ways to judge how popular a rummy website is by the number of users on it.

Offers and benefits

Popular rummy websites regularly host offers and discounts on membership and chips. Make the most of these before joining these rummy websites. Rummy Culture, for example, offers its users loyalty bonuses. offers best-in-class rummy experience while playing rummy online. You can play and win with real cash at You can also download the Android app and play Rummy anytime, anywhere.

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