Popular Traditional Indian Games For A Fun Evening


India, in its own way, has been a pioneer of sport. The country has invented the game of kabaddi and its national sport is hockey. Indians also have a keen passion and interest for cricket and football. But besides outdoor sports, Indians love playing fun and exciting indoor games. Here are a few Indian traditional games that are fun to play with family and friends.


1. Indian Rummy (Paplu)

The Indian Rummy game is a variation of Gin Rummy and Rummy 500. The game is popularly played at casinos and on the internet. It is believed that the game was developed in South India and it became popular only in the 90s. The rules of the game are pretty similar to rummy, except for a few variations. The game has to be played with two or more players and you need a lot of concentration and the ability to use plenty of strategy.

2. Chess

Although chess probably originated in China, the game is extremely popular in India. The game requires skills and strategic thinking. Playing chess improves the mind and trains it for strategic and critical thinking. Nowadays, schools are encouraging students to play chess. Earlier, chess was only played on a chessboard, today the game can be played on a smartphone as well as on a computer.

3. Carrom

Carrom is another fun game that has been played in India for ages. A game involving two sets of colours and a queen, carrom is where you will put your geometry skills to the test. The game is played on a carrom board and requires players to hit coins into pockets with a striker. In carrom a player chooses a designated colour and he or she must only put those colours into the pocket.

4. Antakshari

Antakshari is game that does not require tools or a board, it can be enjoyed with just your voice. The game is popular at parties, social events and during festivals. The game is played between two teams who have to sing songs and after successful attempt a team gets 1 point and minus 2 for singing a wrong song or not attempting to sing.

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