What is Vegas Three Card Rummy? Rules & Points


Vegas Three Card Rummy is very similar to Three Card Poker except for a few exceptions. One of the main differences between Three Card Poker and Vegas Three Card Rummy is the way hands are scored. To know about the rules of Vegas Three Card Rummy, read on.

Rules of Vegas Three Card Rummy


1. Just like with other card games, the game is played with a single 52-card deck.
2. The aim of the game is to have less points than the dealer.
3. All cards except the Ace are ranked according to their poker value.
4. The Ace is ranked low.
5. Players place an ante bet and a bonus bet.

Vegas Three Card Rummy Gameplay

1. Before cards are dealt, players place an ante bet and a bonus bet.
2. A person is nominated to be a dealer.
3. The dealer and the other players are dealt three cards each. The dealer’s cards are dealt face down and the other players face-up.
4. Once the player has seen his cards, he has the option to raise or fold.
5. If the player raises, the dealer has to reveals his playing hand and thus determines the outcome of the game.
6. The game of Vegas Three Card Rummy ends once the dealer has shown their cards and the value of both hands has been determined, the lower total wins.

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